Bruce & Judy Wing Acoustic Duo

"An absolute listening pleasure."

About Us

Judy and Bruce Wing are an acoustic duo from the Comox Valley. They have a complementing music style that's soothing and melodic,  percussive and edgy, and features both award-winning songwriting and creative reinventions.

Their intertwining guitar parts and smooth vocals are an absolute listening pleasure. The music is eclectic, finding the grooves that range from jazzy, folksy, rootsy, and bluesy. Throw in some classic country and refurbished oldies and every set is an interesting mix of songs and eras.

Since 2005, Bruce and Judy and have recorded 5 albums together. They  perform as a duo, as well as with Comox Valley's Lunchbox Legend Band. Their music is the perfect fit for a community event or festival, a backyard soirees, house concerts, or songwriters venue.

Bruce's musical history has ranged from bluegrass bands to top 40 dance bands, instrumental duos, and trios (The Powdered Wigs and The Snow Monkeez). Judy has been a solo performer, choir enthusiast, duo partner, trio member (Voices Three) and backup vocalist.

They appreciate all of the friendships and connections made during their 14 years as former hosts of long-standing weekly open mics in the Comox Valley at The Roy's Towne Pub, The Mex 1st Tuesday Fundraisers, and the High Tide. In 2020, COVID introduced them to a slower and more selective pace for their music. They hope you'll join them at their next concert.

Upcoming Events

Cozy Concert & Poetry
March 16th 7pm
Artful:The Gallery
By Donation 
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526C Cumberland Ro526C Cumberland Road, Courtenay BCad, Courtenay BC

526C Cumberland Road, Courtenay BC