Judy & Bruce Wing

Acoustic Music Duo - Award Winning Songwriters

AbouT Judy and Bruce Wing

The Acoustic Duo

Judy does most of the singing for this duo. She plays the guitar, a little piano, and let's admit it, she does most of the talking too.  Bruce plays everything else... guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion. He stays out of trouble by minimizing his use of the microphone, except for some well-placed harmonies and well-timed one-liners. The music is eclectic, recently described as "jazzy, folksy, rootsy, bluesy.." in addition to classic country, refurbished oldies, and award-winning original tunes.

The Wings have a grassroots approach to music, which is quite evident when you check out their music collection. It's made up of their local guitar heroes, singer-songwriters and people they've had the pleasure of playing music with over the years. Music is a valuable "lifestyle enhancement" and they always enjoy meeting new musicians and playing for new audiences.

Bruce and Judy are former hosts of several long-running open mics in the Comox Valley. These have provided an inspiring atmosphere over the years as well as an introduction to emerging and often amazing local talents who come out to play. 

A Little Sample

"Small Cafe" is an eclectic mix of original and cover tunes in a variety of genres. We hope you like it!

Medley of Original Tunes