Bruce & Judy Wing Acoustic Duo

"An absolute listening pleasure."


We have five  CDs available for purchase and a couple of singles, each is a musical snapshot in terms of content, style, and the musicians who shared in the making. All are available for purchase online, either through CD Baby or iTunes, just click on the album title. If you want a physical copy sent by mail, contact us.

 Remnants is now available on USB. Just flip up the little dooma-higgy and pop it into your computer to see what's on the drive. With 4GB of memory, you'll have extra space for your other Juice and Brudy songs, or maybe even a few of your own tunes! Remnants is  a collection so songs written over a long period of time from 2001 to the COVID years... and for one reason or another, weren't included in other projects. As it turns out, they're pretty sweet all patch worked together. We hope you enjoy it! You can hear some of the tracks among our music videos.

Song Titles: Dreams Come True, Two Thumbs Up, A Little Comfort, Where we Divide, Both Ends Burning, Dance in Place, We're Here Now, Ordinary Rainbows, Crying Out Loud, and Walking in Heaven.

Small Cafe - (2015) (Also available on USB)
Additional talents of Blaine Dunaway (violin), Mark Wing (electric guitar).
Album Cover Design - Judy Wing
Recorded and Mixed at Lovenest Studios



1. Women in this Town
2. Car by Car
3. Small Cafe
4. Deja Vu
5. Time After Time
6. Dark Days Gone
7. This Flight Tonight
8. All Along
9. Seriously (Featuring Mark Wing on electric guitar)

Wishing For Someday (2013)
Awarded VIMA Roots Song of the Year 2014 - Miss Your Exit
Nominated VIMA Pop/Rock Song of the Year 2014- Lucky Lucky You

Features the talents of Blaine Dunaway (violin), Anela Kahiamoe (guitar), Mike Schwarz (sax), and Mark Wing (bass).
Album Cover Design - Judy Wing
Recorded and Mixed at Lovenest Studios

1. Biding My Time
2. Candles on the Cake 
3. Lucky Lucky You - VIMA Nominated
4. Everything is Fine
5. Miss Your Exit - VIMA Award Winner
6. Ready When You Are
7. Restless
8. Small Town Girl

 This Heart This Season (2008)
Features the talents of Trent Freeman (violin), Gidd and Bettyanne Hampton (banjo, accordion, dobro), the talented ladies of Trinitude, Shauna Drayson Hayward, and Sue Pyper (harmony), Mike Schwarz (sax).
The artwork for this album was done by Emagination Design.

Mixed at Quadrafusion Studios, Nanaimo, BC

1. This Heart This Season
2. Angels From Montgomery
3. Before I Love You Again
4. Save Ourselves
5. Estranged
6. Silver Lining
7. The Water Is Wide
8. The Wedding Song
9. Life Was Sweet
10.Don't Cry Baby
11. Because of You

Saying Hello Feeling Goodbye (2006)
Nominated VIMA Female Songwriter of the Year 2007
The artwork for this album was done by Richart
Album mixed at Highland Music Multimedia except for Out of the Blue, recorded and mixed by Steve Inglis.


1. Red Shale
2. Matters of the Heart
3. Place to Confide
4. Symptom of Lonely
5. Out of the Blue
6. Desert Lullaby
7. It's a Mystery
8. My Everything
9. It's Been Easy
10. Islander

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