Judy & Bruce Wing

Acoustic Music Duo - Award Winning Songwriters

New Direction for the 1st Tuesday Fundraisers


It has been our great pleasure to organize and host the 1st Tuesday Fundraiser events for the past 9 years. We've met and worked with fabulous movers and shakers in our community, including musicians, volunteers, local charities and associations. We are also pleased that these events will continue in 2018 with a new host Scott Lyle (Coast to Coast).

We want to thank everyone who gave of their time, talent, appreciation, food, and donations. Your support has made this happen. THANK YOU! Contact Scott Lyle for future event planning! 

Past Performers



Helen Austin & Doug Cox  - Comox Valley Hospice Society
Chris Hansen & the Lunchbox Legends - Comox Valley Food Bank
Coast to Coast - Comox Valley Child Development Association
Brian Denhertog & Jill Russell - Comox Valley Hospice Society
Nathan Senner - Alzheimers Society of BC
Joanna Finch - Save the Salmon
Chris Hansen & Friends - Comox Valley Iraqi Kurdish Refugee Sponsorship Group
Jim Hunter & Friends
Randy Standish & Al Pasanen - Freemason Cancer Car Program
Betty B Gidd - Comox Valley Food Bank
Voices Three - Comox Valley Hospice Society

Scott Lyle, Lainie Laughlin, Noteworthy - Comox Valley Food Bank
Sweet Santa Fe - YANA
Larry Ayre - Adult Learning Centre
Coast to Coast - Glacier View Lodge
Sue Pyper - Comox Valley Hospice
Cafe Ole - YANA
Chris Hansen and the Holy Rollers - Care-a Van
Anela Kahiamoe YANA
Voices Three - Comox Valley Hospice Society
Tammy Fassaert & Claire Brett -SPCA
Easy Street - Glacier View Lodge

Voices Three - Comox Valley Hospice
Pete Pringle
Country Music Night with Kerry Caddell and Al Passanen, Scott Lyle & Mark Wing
Darwin Gagne
Tina Filippino 
Helen Austin & Doug Cox
Gordon Carter 
Brian Hazelbower
Sue Medley
She Could Be Trouble - EduAfrica
Sue Pyper - Comox Valley Hospice Society
John Mang & Susan Wood - Comox Valley Community Foundation

Voices Three - Comox Valley Hospice
Jilli Martini Band - Comox Valley Hospice
The Great Plains - Lilli House
Dave Cormier - BC Childrens Hospital
Joanna Finch & Sarah Wood - Transition Society
Annie Handley - YANA
Todd Butler - Comox Valley Food Bank Society
Brodie Dawson - Habitat for Humanity
PK Tessman - Comox Valley Child Development Society
Gerry Barnum - Comox Valley Hospice Society

Voices Three for Hospice
Bluegrass Wave for YANA
Brodie Dawson - Care-A-Van
Jenn Forsland Group - Comox Valley Hospice Society
Bee Wolf Ray and Peter Cloud Panjoyah
Alan Josul
Blaine Dunaway & Friends
Luke Blu Guthrie
Sue Pyper
Al Pasanen & Randy Standish - Prostate Cancer
Sue Medley and John Mang - Abbeyfield House
Celtic Cargo Cult - YANA

Voices Three - Comox Valley Hospice Society
The Jilli Martini Band CV Suicide Awareness
Jack Sigurdson - M.A.R.S.
Sue Medley - SPCA
Luke Blu Guthrie - Today N' Tomorrow Learning Soc.
Kenny Shaw & Brian Temple - Comox Valley Hospice
Anela Kahiamoe - Comox Valley Food Bank Society
Ashlea Jones Smith & Oliver Wives
Birgit Kuit - Comox Valley Food Bank Society
Sue Pyper - Comox Valley Food Bank Society
5 Play - Comox Valley Food Bank Society
Jeff Drummond - Muir Gallery

Perry Johnson - YANA
Tammy Fassaert - SPCA
Many Waters Band - Comox Valley Boys & Girls Club
Luke Blu Guthrie Band - CV Transition Society
Helen Austin - Canadian Cancer Relay for Life
Emily Spiller -SPCA
Tin Town - YANA
Nathan Senner & Glenn Mitchell -Comox Valley Hospice
Pamela Tessmann - Love From Jenn
Des Larson - YANA
Paul Rodgers - Comox Valley Food Bank

Luke Blu Guthrie and Alison Romanow - CV Food Bank
Mary Murphy & Paul Keim - Lilli House
Trinitude - Comox Valley Hospice Society
5Play - Comox Valley Food Bank Society
Joanna Finch & Jim Lambert - Dawn to Dawn
Ron Tilley - YANA
Sue Medley & Barrie Donaldson - Parkinson's Society
Alan Josul and Leslie Eaton - MS Society
Cheryl and Dave Dunwoodie - M.A.R.S.
Sue Pyper - Comox Valley Hospice Society
Todd Butler- YANA
Gordon Carter & Friends - Comox Valley Food Bank

Richard Caissie - Comox Valley Food Bank
Gordon Carter & Kybor Tyler - C.V. Food Bank
Joanna Finch & Danny Zanbilowicz - C. V. Food Bank
Voices Three - Comox Valley Food Bank
Kenny Shaw - Comox Valley Food Bank
Tammy Fassaert -Comox Valley Food Bank
Helen Austin & Doug Biggs - Comox Valley Food Bank
Brodie Dawson - Comox Valley Food Bank
Sue Medley & Barrie Donaldson - C. V. Food Bank
Gayle Ferguson - C. V. Food Bank
Sue Pyper - Comox Valley Food Bank
Anela Kahiamoe - Comox Valley Food Bank

Todd Butler, Shauna & Richie Hayward
Gidd & Bettyanne Hampton- Comox Valley Food Bank